A DUI arrest in Saint George - or anywhere in Utah - is a serious offense with potentially severe penalties. However, you still have rights. The State of Utah allows you an opportunity to have a hearing with the Driver License Division (DLD).


While every DUI involves a different set of facts, there are ways to maintain your driving privilege while DUI charges are pending against you. An attorney can advise you to the best course of action in your specific case, and if you retain a DUI attorney to work on your case, most will represent you at your License Hearing for no cost.

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Contact us for a free, no-obligation DUI case evaluation. Our attorneys can answer your questions and suggest the best course of action in your specific case.


Utah's Criminal and Administrative penalties vary depending on the number and severity of DUI offenses you have committed. At the Utah DUI Legal website, we have created an interactive format that will allow you to review the penalties imposed by the Utah Courts, as well as the Utah Driver License Division in your specific case.

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A DUI attorney can help reduce the charges against you and eliminate potential penalties. Use our DUI penalty finder to see the possible consequences in your case.

Information entered into the DUI Penalty Finder is not stored, and will never be shared with anyone. Depending on the details of your case, you may be facing: